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‘Twin Peaks’ to return on Showtime

David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s television show ‘Twin Peaks’ is to make its return in 2016– exactly 25 years from when it last aired.

According to Showtime, the series is to have just nine episodes, each produced and written by Lynch and Frost themselves.

‘Twin Peaks’ was known to be a creepier kind of show, being about the murder of a high school student called Laura Palmer. It was this uniqueness, though, that drew in a large audience and caused the show to become a huge success in 1990. However, the plot eventually grew darker, causing most of the audience to stop watching after the first season.

The show ceased in 1991, just one year after its debut, and a movie was released in order to end the series properly.

But it turns out that the end was not really the end. Showtime released an eerie video announcing that the show is coming back, only on their channel.

Haven’t seen it and want to catch up before it airs? ‘Twin Peaks’ is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu, and the movie is available to order from Netflix.

Death Cab for Cutie plays last show with Chris Walla

Saturday night was an emotional night for Death Cab for Cutie. The band played their last song with guitarist and producer Chris Walla.

Walla announced that he would be leaving the band in August. He wanted to thank his bandmates for the 17 years he had been a part of the group, and for all the experiences being in the band gave him.

“Deciding to leave the band was not, and is not, easy,” Walla said. “It’s really, really sad. I love my bandmates, and I’m proud of what we’ve done, and mercifully, those things don’t change with my departure.”

He also said that he plans to continue making music and “erring on the side of benevolence and beauty whenever possible.”

Their last show together was held at Rifflandia Festival in British Columbia on September 13, where the group headlined. “Thank you so much for the last 17 years, Chris,” lead vocalist Ben Gibbard said, introducing their last song as a band, “Marching Bands of Manhattan.” The bandmates then shared a group hug before leaving the stage.

Justin Bieber strips on stage at Fashion Rocks

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.25.12 PM


Justin Bieber made an appearance on CBS’s live broadcast of “Fashion Rocks,” and received mixed reactions from the crowd after stripping down to his underwear.

The singer walked out with model Laura Stone, fully dressed in a blazer and pants. He then told Stone and the crowd that he doesn’t feel comfortable unless he is in his Calvin’s.

Bieber then dropped the microphone and started to remove his clothing, starting with his blazer and shoes, and eventually his pants. During this act of his, the audience seemed confused on how to react. There were cheers from his fans, boos from his haters, and some silence as he awkwardly stripped off his clothing.

After asking if that was “better,” the singer then proceeded to remove his shirt as well, and started to flex and stare into the camera as Stone introduced Rita Ora to the stage.

The same night, after the event, Bieber tweeted, “Grandma always said kill ’em with kindness… and then strip on live national tv. Lol.” Lara Stone also responded to the event on Instagram, saying a thank you to Bieber with hashtags “#dope” and “#mycalvins.”

To watch the clip, click here.

Avicii cancels all upcoming appearances due to health concerns

After canceling an appearance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami to have his gallbladder removed, Swedish DJ Avicii has decided to cancel his entire tour due to the effects this surgery has had on his health.

Billboard reported that Avicii has been forced to suspend all touring activity so that he may recover. His reps have stated that he will be staying in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden to regain his health.

Suspending touring activity also means that he will miss out on headlining at this year’s TomorrowWorld EDM Festival on September 26 in Atlanta. In addition, the DJ will also miss residencies at Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. 

Avicii has had a history of health problems, including acute pancreatitis, which left the DJ hospitalized for over 10 days in 2012.

Comedy legend Joan Rivers passes away at 81

During a surgery in late August, comedian and talk-show host Joan Rivers had suffered from cardiac arrest and was eventually put on life support.

Rivers, 81, was said to have passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon, surrounded by her family and friends.

Rivers was having a minor operation at Yorkville Endoscopy clinic in New York when she suffered from both cardiac and respiratory arrest, as said by the NYFD.

The comedian was said to be in critical condition and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

Tuesday, her daughter, Melissa, confirmed that her mother was on life support, and that prayer would be appreciated from friends and fans.

“My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh,” she said. “Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.”

Electric Zoo cancels third day of festival

As many people saw through Snapchat Live or angry tweets, EDM festival Electric Zoo was shut down on its third day due to severe weather conditions in New York.

“We apologize to fans, but your safety is our main concern.” the festival tweeted, along with another post to announce that there would be no re-entry due to the storm.

“Nooooo I can’t believe this!! I was so looking forward to play @ElectricZooNY!!! looks like its clearing up? will the show go on?” tweeted Alesso, a DJ who was scheduled to perform that night, shortly after the festival was cancelled.

Kaskade was another performer who was scheduled to play after the shutdown, and he expressed his disappointment, but also his respect for the festival for keeping the audience members safe.

It’s tough to plan all summer for a show + then not be able to have it. I know you’re feeling that. Believe it: I am too.” he tweeted. “S/O to @electriczoony for doing the responsible thing + handling it like pro’s That’s not an easy thing to pull the plug. #respect.”

So far, there have been no updates on refunds, though information has been promised by the festival via Twitter.

Steve-O of ‘Jackass’ defaces freeway sign in SeaWorld protest

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.22.30 PM

This year in May, a San Diego freeway sign was vandalized with a banner in protest of SeaWorld’s mistreatment of killer whales. The sign that indicated that SeaWorld Drive is 2 miles away instead read “SeaWorld sucks.”

In a new video posted by ‘Jackass’ star Steve-O on his YouTube channel, the TV prankster reveals that he was the one behind it, telling his audience that he was “putting his foot down for Shamu.”

Shown is Steve-O printing the banner, climbing up to the sign using many different methods, and then finally taping the banner to the sign.

“If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” he yells after his prank is over. “Screw you SeaWorld!”

In the description box of the video, he asks his viewers to share the video and to wish him luck with the law. However, it does not look like he will be too lucky.

California Highway Patrol is pressing charges against Steve-O, since the prank was “defacing public property at a cost to state taxpayers an unlawful act and a dangerous distraction for motorists.”

J. Cole pays tribute to Michael Brown in new song

Following the events in Ferguson after unarmed man Michael Brown was shot by police, many have been expressing their thoughts on the matter and mourning the loss of the young man.

One artist chose to pay tribute to Brown through music. Rapper J. Cole uploaded a new song to his SoundCloud account with the title ‘Be Free.’

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black.” reads the caption on the song. “I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free.”

The song is sad, with a soft piano in the background, and J. Cole’s pained voice singing the lyrics. “Be Free” alludes to still-alive racism, and how mistreated people of color just want to “break the chains off” and “be free.”

J. Cole also included parts of the audio of the eyewitness account from Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson in the track.

The powerful new song has reached over 222,000 plays in under 12 hours and has been reposted by other users over 2,000 times. To listen to “Be Free,” click here.

Courtney Love spends $27 million in Nirvana money

The wife of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain recently admitted in an interview to have spent a large amount of her husband’s Nirvana earnings.

The total came to about $27 million, which was spent toward settling different lawsuits and was spread out through many years. “I know that’s a lifetime of money to most people, but I’m a big girl, it’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Nirvana money, I had to let it go,” Love said. 

Though she has had this large loss in funds, she tells that she is still “financially solvent,” and that she wants to focus on money that she makes now.

Love is still involved in libel cases, and it is a possibility that the total amount of money spent could increase.

Foster the People’s L.A. mural to be painted over

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.45.39 PM

Foster The People decided to throw some ‘color on the walls’ with a mural in celebration of their second album ‘Supermodel.’ This painting has sparked controversy and is to be painted over to return the building to it’s original historic state.

The building is on 539 S. Los Angeles St. painted on the Santa Fe Lofts. The mural is a recreation of the album artwork of ‘Supermodel’ and covers the entire side of the complex, bottom to top.

This mural was supposed to be painted over earlier when it was discovered that the band had painted it without proper consent. A tweet was all that was needed to lead the fans to petition to prevent the covering of the painting. However, the petition only postponed the action.

A joint statement between the band, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, and Capital Foresight was released, with the argument that the building “receives tax credits for maintaining original design features under the Mills Act.”

Though the mural is being forced down, the joint statement announced that the mural will be recreated in a new location where it may stay in a longer term.

“We all agree that public art is part of what makes L.A. great, so the Mayor’s Office, Foster the People, and Capital Foresight have committed to working together to create a new mural in another downtown location that all Angelenos can enjoy for many years.” the statement read.

Mark Foster, frontman of the band, also released a letter to the fans updating them on what has been going on. “It’s been a beautiful thing to witness a unified voice being realized. I’m looking forward to hearing that voice again when it’s time to invest our energy into a new work of art for the city.” Foster wrote.