Coldplay donates $17,000 to fan with motor neurone disease

Briton Jody Duff is a wheelchair-bound, motor neurone disease patient trying to raise money towards research for his currently incurable disease. Luckily, one of his favorite bands has come across his fundraising page.

Coldplay, after receiving a message from one of Duff’s friends, gave a generous $17,000 toward the fan’s cause, and helped Duff reach over 80% of his original goal of $40,000.

Further showing support, the band posted the link on Twitter asking for donations from their following of about 12.7 million.

Duff was also invited to a concert of theirs where the closing song, ‘Fix You,’ was dedicated to him, according to The Mirror.

“We just want to send him, from us and from all of you, as much love as we possibly can,” singer Chris Martin told the audience.