Foster the People’s L.A. mural to be painted over

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Foster The People decided to throw some ‘color on the walls’ with a mural in celebration of their second album ‘Supermodel.’ This painting has sparked controversy and is to be painted over to return the building to it’s original historic state.

The building is on 539 S. Los Angeles St. painted on the Santa Fe Lofts. The mural is a recreation of the album artwork of ‘Supermodel’ and covers the entire side of the complex, bottom to top.

This mural was supposed to be painted over earlier when it was discovered that the band had painted it without proper consent. A tweet was all that was needed to lead the fans to petition to prevent the covering of the painting. However, the petition only postponed the action.

A joint statement between the band, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, and Capital Foresight was released, with the argument that the building “receives tax credits for maintaining original design features under the Mills Act.”

Though the mural is being forced down, the joint statement announced that the mural will be recreated in a new location where it may stay in a longer term.

“We all agree that public art is part of what makes L.A. great, so the Mayor’s Office, Foster the People, and Capital Foresight have committed to working together to create a new mural in another downtown location that all Angelenos can enjoy for many years.” the statement read.

Mark Foster, frontman of the band, also released a letter to the fans updating them on what has been going on. “It’s been a beautiful thing to witness a unified voice being realized. I’m looking forward to hearing that voice again when it’s time to invest our energy into a new work of art for the city.” Foster wrote.