Frankie Muniz announces he wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

Actor Frankie Muniz has announced via Facebook that he may be interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

The self-proclaimed die-hard fan shares his story of being a Clippers fan in the Facebook post, emphasizing that it has not been easy. After moving from New Jersey to California, Muniz became a season ticket holder for the team for eight seasons and never missed a game until he moved to Arizona.

In his story, the actor also claims that owning the Clippers has been a dream of his since his early teenage years.

After current owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life, Muniz took this time to describe his feelings on the matter, saying it “has tarnished the joy this season has brought to the fans who have stuck behind this team through thick and thin.”

Muniz also acknowledges the team’s current situation and how the negativity surrounding the scandal affects not only the players and fans, but also the coaches, staff, even those selling hotdogs at arena stands.

The actor is obviously passionate about the issue, being the huge Clippers fan he is. He hopes the fans can “help this team to continue to win,” and “BEAT [Sterling’s] racist remarks.”

The actor also posted that he believes “the longer the team can win, the more this will remain a conversation in which we can continue to learn from and teach ALL generations that actions like [Sterling’s] will not be acceptable.”

No one is quite sure if Frankie is serious in purchasing the franchise, but he has shared more about the matter on both Facebook and Twitter, posting “I am buying the Los Angeles Clippers.”

To read Muniz’s full Facebook post, click here.