J. Cole pays tribute to Michael Brown in new song

Following the events in Ferguson after unarmed man Michael Brown was shot by police, many have been expressing their thoughts on the matter and mourning the loss of the young man.

One artist chose to pay tribute to Brown through music. Rapper J. Cole uploaded a new song to his SoundCloud account with the title ‘Be Free.’

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black.” reads the caption on the song. “I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free.”

The song is sad, with a soft piano in the background, and J. Cole’s pained voice singing the lyrics. “Be Free” alludes to still-alive racism, and how mistreated people of color just want to “break the chains off” and “be free.”

J. Cole also included parts of the audio of the eyewitness account from Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson in the track.

The powerful new song has reached over 222,000 plays in under 12 hours and has been reposted by other users over 2,000 times. To listen to “Be Free,” click here.