Jack Antonoff compares and slams pop music in GQ interview

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The Bleachers artist and fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff recently shared his disapproval of modern pop music in his interview with GQ magazine.

The musician describes current music as “junk” and tells that “people have to spread out and find more interesting stuff, because they’re not being fed it the way they’re supposed to be.”

The alternative artist says that he would “talk to A&R guys about this, and they say they don’t want the music to sound too ‘indie,’ which is a fancy way of saying they don’t want it to sound good.”

Antonoff does make sure to mention the positives of pop, calling Taylor Swift one of the best songwriters ever, comparing her to great pop artists such as Michael Jackson.

However, he does trash pop icons like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Lily Allen, saying they “all feel throwaway.”

Jack Antonoff is now promoting his new album, under his “not a side-project” band called Bleachers. The album released mid-July and is titled ‘Strange Desire.’