Justin Bieber strips on stage at Fashion Rocks

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Justin Bieber made an appearance on CBS’s live broadcast of “Fashion Rocks,” and received mixed reactions from the crowd after stripping down to his underwear.

The singer walked out with model Laura Stone, fully dressed in a blazer and pants. He then told Stone and the crowd that he doesn’t feel comfortable unless he is in his Calvin’s.

Bieber then dropped the microphone and started to remove his clothing, starting with his blazer and shoes, and eventually his pants. During this act of his, the audience seemed confused on how to react. There were cheers from his fans, boos from his haters, and some silence as he awkwardly stripped off his clothing.

After asking if that was “better,” the singer then proceeded to remove his shirt as well, and started to flex and stare into the camera as Stone introduced Rita Ora to the stage.

The same night, after the event, Bieber tweeted, “Grandma always said kill ’em with kindness… and then strip on live national tv. Lol.” Lara Stone also responded to the event on Instagram, saying a thank you to Bieber with hashtags “#dope” and “#mycalvins.”

To watch the clip, click here.