Los Angeles Kings play their Will Ferrell video outside the New York Ranger’s home ice

As the Los Angeles Kings try for their second Stanley Cup in a span of three seasons against the New York Rangers, the non-hockey-playing side of the franchise is up to other ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 7.28.31 PM

The Kings, who are known to have a witty sense of humor from their Twitter account, paid for a large electronic billboard to play a video of Will Ferrell screaming a “Go Kings Go” chant and inviting others to join him.

The billboard is located almost exactly across the street from Madison Square Garden, where the team’s opponents play, and the video was seen Saturday, just before game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals began.

After the franchise and the fans had a good laugh, the video ad was taken down and replaced with one supporting the Rangers.