Macaulay Culkin’s cover band booed off stage in Nottingham

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The ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin appeared with his pizza themed cover band Pizza Underground at the Dot to Dot Festival in England, and their audience was not impressed.

Pizza Underground consists of Culkin and four of his friends, and started as a joke a couple years back. The group performs covers of songs by Velvet Underground and other rock bands, changing lyrics to fit the band’s theme of pizza.

However, the audience members of Nottingham, England were not so thrilled to see them.

Culkin and his band were booed off the stage and had pints of beer thrown at them. Culkin responded by saying, “Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them.”

The band played a three-song set before deciding it was time to go.

After the event, an organizer of Dot to Dot festivals sympathized with the band, hoping they would get the chance to play in Nottingham again. “After barnstorming sets at both Dot to Dot Manchester and Dot to Dot Bristol, it’s such a shame that some members of the crowd had to ruin what was set to be an excellent show.” the organizer said. 

The Nottingham Post also covered the story, quoting a 19-year-old audience member who said, “I feel really sorry for him. I mean, the music did sound terrible, but it isn’t very fair to be hit with so much beer and booed, is it?”

The band is to appear in a few more shows in the UK before returning to North America to play more shows and some festival gigs.