Miley Cyrus gets emergency restraining order against crazed fan

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This past Friday, (May 23), Miley Cyrus was met by an excited fan and immediately wanted a restraining order.

This same man reportedly tried to meet the singer earlier this month on her private property, causing police to arrest him.

The 24-year-old fan, named Devon Meek, has been held in a psychiatric ward since this last attempt at meeting Cyrus, but nothing can stop him from continuously trying.

Meek claims that Cyrus’s songs are about him, and the lyrics are calling to him.

Detective Rosibel Smith claimed in a sworn statement that Meek wanted them to shoot him in the head if he was not able to meet Miley.

Smith also included in the statement a quote from another officer’s interview with Meek. The crazed fan said that he “will continue to go to Ms. Cyrus’ residence until Ms. Cyrus accepts him or he dies.”

On June 16, the hearing for the restraining order will take place to extend the restraining order for three years.

The order reportedly states that Meek cannot be within 100 yards of Cyrus.