Pro Tools and Trident Console

The experience is simple: our staff will meet with you on the phone, via email, or in person to identify your specific project goals and objectives while infusing talent, creative flair and technical know-how.

Our audio team is skilled in recording, mixing, and mastering all genres of music. We also have musicians and producers on staff and on-call. We achieve a commercial-quality sound that is very unique by using a complimentary blend of analog and digital audio gear. We have a variety of equipment and rooms suitable for recording any instrument, ADR/Voice Over, and foley. We are also available for on-location production audio for film and TV.

You can expect professional quality from our expert film crew. We are equipped with a multitude of HD/4K cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software. We also offer live streaming, ideal for our real-time interactive performances, or business meetings and presentations against our customizable green screen.