Live Streaming

Studio 637 offers the best in Live Streaming services. They are able to stream to over 25 different online destinations including Stage it, YouTube, and Ustream in stunning 1080p.

The studio can host live streamed events in their acoustically tuned 1000 square foot sound stage or on location.

The studio team has chemistry working together. With preproduction, they are able to perform exceptionally, without distracting event coordinators. This alleviates the stress of hosting small to large scale productions, meetings, and events.

Included in their sound stage is a green cyc, which can be used to place any image or video behind you live. They also offer a variety of virtual sets and stages along with over 20 million videos and images to choose for your background.

Studio 637 have streamed on location for the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party with Stevie Wonder, Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts in 2014 and 2015 on the beach, Collie Budz at Saint Rocke, Keith Harkin at Static Beach Radio and various acts in Los Angeles and the South Bay.