‘Twin Peaks’ to return on Showtime

David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s television show ‘Twin Peaks’ is to make its return in 2016– exactly 25 years from when it last aired.

According to Showtime, the series is to have just nine episodes, each produced and written by Lynch and Frost themselves.

‘Twin Peaks’ was known to be a creepier kind of show, being about the murder of a high school student called Laura Palmer. It was this uniqueness, though, that drew in a large audience and caused the show to become a huge success in 1990. However, the plot eventually grew darker, causing most of the audience to stop watching after the first season.

The show ceased in 1991, just one year after its debut, and a movie was released in order to end the series properly.

But it turns out that the end was not really the end. Showtime released an eerie video announcing that the show is coming back, only on their channel.

Haven’t seen it and want to catch up before it airs? ‘Twin Peaks’ is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu, and the movie is available to order from Netflix.