Wiz Khalifa’s selfie from jail

Early Sunday morning while flying to Dallas, rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested at a Texas airport for marijuana possession.

TMZ was told by police that the rapper was caught by TSA for having a “green leafy substance,” and was then taken into custody. 0.5 grams of marijuana was found with Wiz Khalifa.

Not long after being taken into a cell, the rapper posted a selfie on Twitter with other photos and tweets using the hashtag #FreeTrapWiz, encouraging his 13.9 million followers to “free” him.

The photo attached to Wiz Khalifa's tweet with the caption "jail selfie."

The photo attached to Wiz Khalifa’s tweet with the caption “Jail selfie.”

Wiz also posted that as soon as he leaves jail, he will release a new tape called ’28 Grams’, which caused a giant wave of his fans to tweet the hashtag, even after the rapper left his cell.

After being released, Wiz Khalifa posted another picture of him outside of a plane, thanking his fans and followers for freeing him.

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Since Wiz Khalifa is now out of jail, ’28 Grams’ is expected to release soon.